How tickets affect premium

Some interesting statistics on how tickets increase the price of insurance for 3 to 5 yrs: Stats from insurance . com.

  • DUI/DWI first offense 79%
  • Reckless driving 73%
  • Operating a vehicle in a race (highway racing) 71%
  • Speeding 30+ over limit 30%
  • Careless driving 26%
  • Texting-while-driving 23%
  • Distracted driving 22%
  • Speeding 16-29 MPH over limit 22%
  • Improper/illegal pass 20%
  • Speeding 1-15 MPH over limit 20%
  • Following too closely 20%
  • Improper turn 20%
  • Failure to yield 20%
  • Failure to stop 19%
  • Talking on cell phone 16%
  • Driving without a license or permit 12%
  • Driving without insurance 10%
  • Seat belt infraction 3%

Fees for cash payments is illegal

FYI, in Georgia, agents can not charge a cash fee or convenience fee for client’s payments made in the office.  It is against Ga. law.  Agents are only allowed to collect the amount on the client’s bill from the insurance carrier.  The only additional fee that can be charged is a credit card fee if it is charged by the carrier.

Agent’s that charge a 1-2 dollar fee for using cash are doing it illegally.  We’ve had several clients ask during the quote process how much our cash fees are.  And they are surprised when we say agents can NOT charge extra fees like that. It’s Against the law.

SO keep that in mind, the insurance carrier bill amount + credit card fee is absolutely all the agent can charge you when paying in his/her office.